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Family Mediation Scenario

John and Stacey

Separating the lives of each other is can be a traumatic and hard experience for all of the couples out there. And just like you, I can say that you are being bombarded on the impossible emotions and different things that can bring happiness to you.

When your children were involved in every decision you make, it might be a hard decision that you should make. It might also be hard for a single parent to raise his or her child all by himself or herself.

There are lots of couples out there that are facing a similar problem with John and Stacey.

Most of the couples are arguing on which side do their children will go to. And family mediation can be your best solution to answer your family problems.

Trusted family mediation Edlesborough provide some services including which custody the children will go to. The story of John and Stacey is one of the problems that family mediation helped to be solved.

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The Problem

For almost three years, John and Stacey got married. And they had their baby a year ago. Stacey does not want her partner John to see their baby after their separation. And John found the decision of Stacey as unacceptable. In the eyes of the people out there, it is truly unfair and unreasonable to remove the right of John as the father of the baby to see his baby just for a little moment without the supervision of Stacey.

Why Trusted Family Mediation Service Edlesborough?

Because of the decision made by Stacey all by herself, John, her partner felt angry. He even planned to file a case against Stacey to the court. But John has been told by his close friend to consider working with a family mediation company. The family mediation will allow both John and Stacey to have a good communication. A knowledgeable and experienced mediator has the ability to make both of the sides give their opinions and thoughts about their child. Although Stacey and John were not told to go back with each other arms, their baby is an important factor to solve their relationship in a good way.

How Was It Resolved?

With all the experiences of the family mediation companies, they claim that not all of their previous clients are sure about hiring a mediator. Some couples might have doubts. Both Stacey and John are having doubts about whether they will consider family mediation as their solution or not. But the family mediation company worked through a plan which enabled them to move forward.

How Did It Work?

Both of Stacey and John have fears about the needs of their baby. The family mediation company created the process of solving simpler and has lesser emotions. They will give you experienced and knowledgeable mediator that will help their clients have a phased plan to avoid filing their cases to the court. They also had the ability to ensure the needs of their baby.

Family mediation might be or might not be your best solution to solving your problems. But it will be better for you if you will try it. It is not bad to try family mediation because you will not know if it is effective or not if you will not try it.