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Trying to resolve a dispute by going through the courts can be expensive and time-consuming. One option for avoiding the courts involves mediation.

Rather than go through the courts, mediation has the advantage being quicker and cheaper. Mediation is a voluntary process which aims to help both sides to agree their own solution rather than have one imposed on them. Mediation sessions are confidential and can take as long as either side wants. An independent mediator will work with everyone helping them agree on a solution. Meditation is seen as a better way of resolving disputes. In separation or divorce proceedings solicitors often recommend mediation as the first step in the process.

These are people who are independent with no connection to those looking for a solution to their dispute. Their role is to get those involved to come up with and agree on a solution rather than impose one.

Mediators are based all over the country offering their services. For those who want to use the mediation process being to find the details of a mediator near them can help them make the first move in the search for a solution to their issue.

The type of people that a mediator can help include those who are separating or divorcing, families, children, parents, grandparents and business. The list if not exhaustive. For a mediator to be able to help it needs a commitment from all sides to finding a solution.

When it comes to mediation, mediators can deal with a broad and varied range of issues. This includes:

A good number of divorcing couples rely on mediation to assist them in settling their divorce-related issues, for example, access arrangements, property division, child custody and support. Both the parents love their kids equally and want to be part of their everyday lives. This makes it difficult for them to come to a favourable visitation and custody agreement. For most parents, working with a trained mediator usually helps. Different from a judge, the mediator will only help couples reach their own settlement.

  • Children – Divorce or separation can be a stressful time, particularly when children are involved. This is one reason why solicitors recommend that those involved first try mediation. Mediation provides a way for those involved to agree on arrangements for such things as access to the children, parental decisions as well as maintenance payments and costs.
  • Financial – In a divorce or separation it is better if each side can agree on things such as the family home, /pagetemplate/assets/, pensions and savings. In the long term this can often make things much easier.
  • Business – Disputes at work can have a large impact on a company. This could be a dispute with or between employees or alternatively it could be a director or partner conflict.

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